EnterpriseOne Technology Services overview

EnterpriseOne incidental or project based CNC services




Base installation of:

  • EnterpriseOne on Deployment server, Enterprise server, Web servers and fat-clients
  • Transaction server and Web Services Gateway
  • Crystal Reports
  • XML Publisher
  • Mobile Client solution
  • PIM server
  • PSOL (PeopleSoft Online Help)
  • Server Manager (E1 8.97 Management Tool)

3rd Party components like:

  • Databases (Oracle, UDB and SQLserver)
  • WebSphere 6.1.9
  • Oracle Application server


Standard EnterpriseOne upgrades
Tool Releases (e.g. 8.97)
Electronic and Application Software Updates (ESU and ASU)

CNC configuration support

Multi foundation setup or maintenance, OMW configuration, Security setup or maintenance (E1 users, Database, authentication services and Server), Environment and pathcode management.

Issue resolution

Investigate and analyse technical CNC related issues. Work towards issue resolution.

Performance tuning

Tuning of

  • CNC related components like Kernels
  • Database components (indexes and DB parameters)
  • Web server components


CNC environmental troubleshooting (OCM, INI parameters and settings, middleware and drivers etc.)

Platform and Database conversions

Changing out EnterpriseOne servers from one platform type to another. Perform all required planning and actions in order for this to be succesfull.
Plan and execute to move EnterpriseOne database(s) from one DB type to another. For exmaple move your database from the iSeries platform to an Oracle Database on Unix.

Audits and assessments

Perform Technology audits to establish the current state of your EnterpriseOne system. Areas that can be covered are:

  • (Pre/Post) Installation
  • Technology Readiness Assesments
  • Performance
  • Procedural state
  • Security setup

CNC Architecture design and planning

This activity typically takes place before decisions on hardware, platform or database choice are made. The purpose of such design and planning is to make sure that the chosen architecture will meet the Customers cost, (high) availability, robustness, performance and maintenance requirements.
Working together with the customer and combining Customer requirements, CNC expertise and best practice knowledge will result into the best architecture or architecture changesfor the customers implementation.

Issue management

Managing the Customers issue list, working together with Oracles support organisation and keeping control and ownership in one central place will lead to an efficient issue management process. Get the maximum out of your support contract with Oracle.


These services will be delivered on project basis with a minimum of 1 day. Typically these services are required during an implementation project, upgrade project or incidental configuration of infrastructure change.
Based on the Customers requirements and goals an estimation of work will be made including a proposal for services. Once agreed by both the Customer and DC Services a contract for services will be made.

Cost: Time and Material

EnterpriseOne Operational operational Support and maintenance services

This service consists of a Support and Maintenance Agreement that defines support and maintenance activities with the purpose of:

  • Maintaining operational system availability – availability of EnterpriseOne application and functionality.
  • Keeping the customers code current by applying maintenance ESUs, Tools updates and custom code updates
  • Maintaining a predefined performance level

A Service Level Agreement will define

  • Which components will be part of the Service agreement  (define the service)
  • Responsibilities (of Customer and JTS)
  • Service level performance indicators
  • The required Level of service (5 x 8 or 5/7 x24 or anything in between)



Package builds and deployments

Perform full and/or update package builds and deployments on scheduled days and times any environment according to software life cycle procedure.
Perform fulle and/or update package builds and deployments on request on any environment according software life cycle rules.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Install ESUs, ASUs or Tools Release installs on periodic basis (for example each quarter) according to software lifecycle rules.
Install new Tools release in multi-foundation. After testing and approval, the Tools release will be promoted to production.
Planning for- and executing of implementation of softwareupdates and/or tools releases.
Act on breaking news and known issues provided by Oracles information bullitins and Customer site.

Issue resolution

Investigate and analyse technical CNC related issues. Work towards issue resolution.

Database administration

Perform monitoring of database growth and performance. Evaluate database statistics and make preventive or corrective actions based on pre-defined parameters as defined in SLA.

Predefined CNC Administration tasks

All CNC activities defined in an SLA . This includes all activities as defined in EnterpriseOne Operational CNC services

System monitoring

Monitor EnterpriseOne processes, operational processing figures and logfiles with the purpose of detecting system component failures, bugs or other incidents that will need correction or preventive actions.
Plan and Perform corrective and preventive actions as a result of  monitoring activities.

Issue & task management

Manage all Technical related issues. This includes:

    • Log calls at Oracle Support desk
    • Manage follow-up, escalation and reporting of open issues

Manage all scheduled Technical (CNC) tasks:

    • Execute or manage tasks that are defined in SLA
    • Execute or manage tasks that are part of non-SLA agreed activities


Report back all scheduled and non-scheduled activities, results and status periodically as agreed in SLA or on incident basis.


Anytime a Customer wants to outsource a specific part of its CNC support and maintenance activities. These tasks and activities can be included in a Support and Maintenance contract. You are free to put together a contract that fits your organisations specific needs. 
Based on your needs, an estimation of work will be made including a proposal for Maintenance & Support. Once agreed by both the Customer and DC Services, a Service level agreement will define the exact services, responsibilities, goals and performance metrics.

will be based on the requested Maintenance & Support and the number of days needed to achieve this type of support. The service contract rate will be applied.